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Recipe : The Journey of Akaushi Beef

February 20, 2013
Posted by: Elysia Sutherland

Who knew something so good could result from a technicality? In 1994 due to a loophole in the trade Act of 1992, a small nucleus of Wagyu Akaushi cows and bulls were brought from Japan to the U.S. in a specially equipped Boeing 747. Today, Akaushi's prized genetics are controlled by a group of Texans and to the delight of discriminating diners, you can find it right here in Quattro.


In case you come upon your own Akaushi beef, here’s Maurizio’s recipe for Lasagna. The Akaushi will just  melt in your mouth.



1        Liter Milk
8oz    Flour
6 oz   Butter
10 oz Castelmagno Cheese
1        Egg Yolk


Pasta Dough
15 oz. All Purpose Flour
9 oz.   Semolina Flour
1.8 oz Olive Oil
9 oz    Egg Yolks


Pasta Filling (Bolognese Sauce)
4 Cups  Akaushi Ground Beef
5           Basil Leaves, Julienned
½ Cup  Parmigiano or Pamesan
             Cheese, Grated
2 Cups  Ricotta Cheese
1/3 Cup Carrots, Chopped
1/3 lb.    Celery, Chopped
1/3 lb.    Onion, Chopped
½ Glass Red Wine
5 Cups   Pomodoro or Tomato Sauce


Mix the ingredients in a large bowl until there is no flour left.  Once you have a smooth dough, keep kneading for several minutes until all components are well integrated.  Form a ball, cover with a damp cloth and let rise. 
With a pasta machine or a rolling pin, make paper-thin sheets of pasta, blanche in boiling water and cool down in iced water.  Dry the sheets with a napkin.


Preheat a sauté pan, and then add a touch of extra virgin olive oil and the vegetables.  In another sauté pan (very hot), pan roast the ground meat and add it to the vegetables.  Add wine, let it reduce.  Add pomodoro sauce and simmer for 2 hours.  When it has cooled, add ricotta cheese, Parmigiano cheese and basil.  Build the lasagna by buttering the insides of a baking dish.  Start with a layer of pasta, then fondue, then Bolognese sauce.  Do this until you have 4 layers. Cook in a 355-degree oven for 30 minutes.  Let rest for 5 minutes at room temperature, then serve.


Makes  4 servings.