Maurizio Ferrarese is a people’s chef through and through. “I visit guests as much as I can,” says Maurizio, who stops by almost every table at dinner. “I like to ask why they came, what they like, what they didn’t like. I love to get what guests want.”

Some diners ask Chef Maurizio to surprise them. In fact, there is a footnote on the menu that says if you’d like Chef Maurizio to be even more creative, just ask. One guest requested a rather divine creation: crispy gnocchi with bacon and shrimp. It is now a popular item on the menu. But not just any request makes the cut. “I am the chef, after all,” says the good-natured Italian. “I designed it so that I have a menu full of dishes I would recommend with my eyes closed.”

Born and raised in Vercelli in Italy’s Piedmont region, Chef Maurizio joined Quattro in summer 2010 from Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, a city with great culinary heritage. He says Florence’s authentic, traditional cuisine inspires Quattro’s simple, seasonal fare. However, if you’re looking to branch out from tradition, the chef recommends Italian dishes like the beef and tuna carpaccios, which are relatively new to Italian culture.

Also on the menu, you can find risotto dishes inspired by Maurizio’s native Piedmont region, which produces 70% of Italy’s rice as well as some of the area’s famous wines: Barbera and Barolo.  

It’s easy to see that Maurizio is well loved by diners and fellow Quattro staff alike. Fellow staff members say he’s not only a great chef because of his food, but also because he really cares about guests.

Talented, friendly and confident, Chef Maurizio sends his version of an engraved invitation: “Come over. You won’t regret it.”

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